New Government, Wrong Priorities


Let us accept Modi’s statement on completing 30 days in office as justified- No luxury of ‘honeymoon period’ for my government’. Now, let us consider as to what shall be the course of his government after promising ‘achhe din‘?


Modi’s statement clearly indicates, even accuses the UPA of misgovernment and abuse of power which ultimately led to the ‘economic and political’ problems in the nation. These would include loss due to scams, tax benefits/evasions. black money, industrial slowdown and an upper hand which the NGOs have gained under UPA (the NDA is looking to solve this through institutional vendetta ie, the Intelligence Bureau).

Now, instead of heavily taxing the rich or #EatTheRich as UK’s radical Strike Magazine puts it, the Modi government is busy taking the fight with the wrong sector and the wrong people.

1. Removal of several State Governors appointed by the UPA. This clearly was an act of ‘political vengeance’, as the UPA did the same after coming to power in 2004.

We must question, and surprisingly even the media did by asking the question- what is the priority of the new government? A good argument against NDA’s move was presented by Pratap Bhanu Mehta in the Indian Express.

2. It chose rail hike pointing again to the misdeeds of the UPA government. Ironically, the last time railways saw a hike was in 1998 under the NDA government. The immediate reaction to this was public outrage- on ground helped by the political parties in opposition and on the internet. The outrage was not against the hike, but to the increase in amount.

List of revised rail hike for local trains in Mumbai:


3. The new government’s Union Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan has sparked controversy by suggesting that sex education in schools should be banned and to use ‘Indian Culture’ to curb AIDS.

What must one comment and avoid commenting on such a naive and ridiculous statement? This clearly reflects the conservative and right-wing mind-set which the BJP advocates.

4. The Centre now has chosen to replicate the model of village in Gujrat which boasts of WiFi, Air Conditioner, et cetera. A Times Of India report carried a report on this which read, ‘Image a village that offers WiFi connectivity, has A/C schools with CCTV cameras and mid-day meals’. My immediate reaction to this was, ‘Imagine a village with no-caste, gender equality and 100% literacy?’

The government has failed to realise that the the ‘primary’ necessity of a village is not what it is trying to impose which stems out of its ‘one-dimensional’ (as Herbert Marcuse defines it) ideas of ‘development’, but rather socio-economic equality and beyond.

Would it be right to call the new government as UPA-III?




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